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The LESA L is the former"McGarvey's Party Boat" of the former McGarvey's seafood Restraunt, on the river, in Vermillion Ohio. It was aquired by us, via the Vermillion civic organization, Friends of Harbortown, in Sept 98, after 5 years of storage coutesy of George Phillips of Valley Harbor Marina, Vermillion. It has been said that she previously had seen service as a 29 passenger ferry between The Sandusky city docks and Cedar Point amusement park.

With lots of advice and help from George and his son David, It was put into the water for pre-refitting trials. Formerly used as a water-bus for local river tours, we rebuilt the bottom, converted and re-equipped it for 6 passenger Great Lakes open water fishing, cruising, and tour charters (river tours will be provided also, when requested).

We have had her in private service for 2 years now, including a 22 day, 1700 mile, 5 person trip to Lake Huron, around the south end of Georgian Bay, up the Trent-Severn waterway to Lake Simco (Ontario), back to Georgian bay, on around the east and north sides, thru North channel, up to Whitefish bay in Lake Superior, back down the St Mary's river, under the Macinaw bridge into Lake Michigan, and back thru Lakes Huron and Erie to Vermilion. She will be in charter service starting with the 2001 season.

Note: These pictures were taken in 1998 when we first aquired her.

30 foot Steel Clipper, hardtop sea-skiff type cruiser
Built in 1967 by Inland Seas Boat Co. ( Archie Lang and crew ) in Sandusky, OH.

Twin 70hp Perkins Diesel engines gave a speed of about 10 knots. Like the Vicki L, the added weight of our equipment, spares and supplies cost about 2 knots, leaving 8. Twin 115 gallon stainless steel fuel tanks give a range of about 400 miles without refueling.

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