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Smallmouth Bass

This is Capt. Phil's kid, Will (William T. Martin, vintage 1967). He will be the next captain in this clan with a Great Lakes and Rivers Master's license, probably next year. He thinks he prefers Walleye, but check out the big grin.

Smallmouth Bass Live Bait Hints: Smallmouth Bass Live Bait Policies:
Please feel free to bring your own bass bait if you have a good source. We can usually get it for you if you wish (See Booking form), however, we reserve the right to substitute if we can't find what you order thru us.
Prices and availability of these baits vary.
If you order them thru us, you will be charged the price which is current at time of your trip. Since these critters are perishable, the total cost of the bait you order from us must be ADDED TO YOUR BASIC DEPOSIT. These deposits for bait will be fully refunded if you cancel more than 5 days before your trip, else no refund.

Some smaller ones, taken in August. The smallest bass in the middle is about 14". The legal minimum keeper was 12, but we seldom kept anything smaller than 14. In the late fall, we have been known to throw back everything under 16". By the way, the size limit is now 14".

Sorry about the lousy photos, but we seldom bothered taking pictures - we'll get some better ones for you next year, since we have this site up.

Left to right Phil (the Spook), Will, Lesa, and a crew member.
Yep, they sure are 3 layers thick. This is really hard to do, without them sliding off onto the ground! Nope, That is NOT a small picnic table, and no bare spots. 64 decent ones, taken by 8 people in October 1995, in the Bass Islands area. By the way, that's me (Capt. Phil) on the left. In the 2nd picture, I'm cackling at a not-too-bad runt.

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