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30 foot Steel Clipper, hardtop sedan cruiser
Built in 1968 by Inland Seas Boat Co. ( Archie Lang and crew ) in Sandusky, OH.

Lots of Mahogany in cockpit and cabin.

This stong steel hull has been protected since it was a pup with aluminum bearing coatings and zinc anodes, preserving it in like-new condition. It's Weight (over 7 tons), while not doing wonders for fuel economy, provides a smoother ride than most lighter boats of her size. Also, under impact, steel tends to bend rather than break up.

Twin 250hp 327cu. in. GMC engines provided cruising speeds around 20 knots, a top end of 25 knots (28mph) bfore we installed all of our equipment & supplies. Now, it's about 17-18Kn cruise, and 21-22Kn top end. Twin engines provide a significant degree of security against ending up "on the rocks" if an engine dies. Twin 80 gallon heavy aluminum fuel tanks give a range of over 100 miles without refueling. Slow Cruises, running easy on 1 engine (about 5Kn) give about a 300 mile range.

For those with well developed sea legs, the shot above shows the bow, with room for 4 people to fish from, and the 9 foot long "couch" across the cabin front. No, the air conditioner is not there, and the anchor is now mounted on the bow rail. The open forward hatch cover can be seen behind the air conditioner. Soon there will be 3 deadlight windows across the front of the cabin, and 2 small ones in the sides of the bow, for the V berth. In calm waters, the cabin top is strong enough for a couple of the ladies to stretch out on, if they want.

This is what she looks like before getting covered up for the winter.

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