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Our Mission:
CapriFleet Charter Services exists to provide a variety of "normal" as well as out-of-the-ordinary charter packages to our clients. In the future, we may also provide computer, electronic and other equipment and/or services to charterboat operators. We like to catch fish, cruise, and make a little money too.
Package Offerings:
We provide Lake Erie Fishing charters or Private Cruise charters during most of the normal April through October season. However, we don't limit ourselves to this "season". In good-weather years, we will start earlier and/or run later. We have been known to keep a boat in the water throughout the winter. We also offer some rather unique Combination Charters and Private Extended Cruising Vacation trips to points throughout the Central Great Lakes and beyond, including their connecting and tributary waterways.
Pricing Policy:
Our prices are not the minimum. Neither is the quality of our services, equipment, and the features we provide to you. After all, my mommy always said "You get what you pay for!".
We don't do the "simple single price" thing. Instead of offering an "executive" trip, etc, we let you choose your options individually. We charge you for the options you want, and don't force you to pay for things you don't want. We use the design-your-own-trip philosophy. Check out our Booking page for more details.
We're working on these pages.
We do not have, and probably never will have "sponsors". You see no advertising decals plastered all over our boats. When we use a piece of equipment, it is because we believe it works well, and not because it is the "in" thing, someone will give it to us, or pay us to use it. YOU, our clients, are our only sponsors!

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