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Trip Booking

Trip Booking Procedure:

  1. First, READ the Charter Details and Terms page, and the Client Checklists page.
  2. To request a trip booking, fill out and submit the form below, or CONTACT us
  3. Upon recieving your trip request, we will contact you as to whether your requested date is available, and to clarify other details. We will use the "Preferred Contact Method" specified by you.
  4. Upon mutual agreement on trip details, we will tentatively book your trip, and expect a check from you, within 10 days, for 25% of the total trip price (basic trip price + option prices).

Trip Preparation:

Re-read theDetails and Terms page. Make sure to Read, Print, and Use theClient Checklists page (lists the things you must bring). If you don't have a printer - CONTACT us and we will mail you some.

Trip Booking Request Form:

NOTE: Please be advised that, for now, this form will only work on Netscape-style browsers and MS Internet Explorer 4.0 and up browsers. If it doesn't work with your browser, please Email us at . Type in the same info as on the form, and send that to us. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it may be a while until we have time to improve on this.

Basic Trip Type:

Preferred Boat:
If Prefered Boat Not Available:
Substitute Any boat
Substitute Similar boat, else cancel trip.
Cancel Trip
Estimated number of People in party (NO PETS):
NOTE: Max of 6 people per boat.
We can provide multiple boat charters for more than 6 if you wish.
Box Lunches at $5.00 each:
Total for whole duration of trip.
Soft Drinks:
1st day @ $1.10 per 20oz bottle:
For remaining time @ ? per 20oz bottle:
Smallmouth Bass Live Bait:
If Smallmouth Bass Fishing is included in your trip:
READ the Smallmouth Bass Live Bait Hints and Bass Live Bait Policies on the Smallmouth Bass page.
If you will bring your own bait, please select "NONE" in the choices below, so we know you didn't overlook these items. If we are to get your bait, the bait deposit amounts below must be ADDED TO YOUR BASIC DEPOSIT.
Soft Craws @ $5.00/doz:          
Big Shiner Minnows @ $2.75/doz: 
Big Leeches @ $3.00/doz:        

Preferred Booking:
                Month:         Day:       Start Time:
1st choice:      
2nd choice:        (optional)
3rd choice:        (optional)

Enter other requests, comments, or questions here:

Whatever:  (optional)
 City:         Zip:


Day Phone: Preferred Contact Method:
Evening Phone:

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