CapriFleet Charter Services

Charter Details and Terms

Effective 26 Nov 2000 - Subject to change without notice.

Booking Terms:

Upon mutual agreement on trip details, we will tentatively book your trip, and expect a check from you, within 10 days, for the amount of the deposit as given below. If the deposit is not recieved within 10 days, we will release the hold on the booked date, unless you contact us and we agree on a new time limit.

A deposit of 25% of the total trip price (basic trip price + option prices) will hold your trip date. If you cancel more than 10 days before your reserved date, we will refund half of your deposit. But if you cancel more than 3 weeks before your reserved trip, it will be refunded in full (or you can choose to re-schedule if available). Later cancellations (or no-shows) will not be refunded! However, since we're such wonderful people, if you can document a catastrophic reason why you couldn't come, we will consider refunding half of your deposit.

Your captain retains the right to make the final decision on all matters which he feels concerns the safety of his passengers and boat.

If your captain cancels the trip due to potentially dangerous weather and/or sea conditions, low water, or any other conditions beyond our control, your deposit will be refunded in full. You may choose to reschedule if an agreeable date is available.

If we must cancel before 2 hours into the trip, because we don't have a suitable boat or captain available (breakdown or whatever), and can't get another boat or captain to run your trip, we will offer you these options:

If we must terminate a trip early, 2 hours or more after leaving the dock, due to potentially dangerous weather and/or sea conditions, or any other conditions, we will offer you these options:

If we terminate a trip early, because of (in the captain's opinion), excessive intoxication, rowdiness, violence, disrespect for the property of others, or refusal to follow the captains orders regarding such behavior, There will be No Refund of any kind. Except for simple intoxication,the person(s) causing the problem will be permanently banned from Capri Fleet charters.

Trip Preparation:

Re-read this page. Make sure to Read, Print, and Use theClient Checklists page. If you don't have a printer - CONTACT us and we will mail you a few copies.