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Yellow Perch

We offer Yellow perch Charters Beginning about mid-August, until the end of October. Depending on yearly lake and weather conditions, this could begin as early as the 1st of July, and extend into December.
A perch charter is a great way to introduce the kids (or anyone else) to fishing. It's frequently a fast-action form of fishing, sometimes providing many "double headers". This may last for quite a while, and really gets novices interested. They're not as big and intimidating as bass, walleye and steelhead trout, for people not yet familiar with fishing. Fun for the whole family!
Perch size and the perch population have been increasing over the last few years in Lake Erie. This may be due to the imposition, a few years ago, of a 30 fish per person limit and lower commercial netting quotas. The Vermilion area of the central basin consistently yeilds fish averaging a good deal bigger than those from the western basin.
If you prefer island scenery along with open water, our longer Perch Charters and various Combo Charters can provide interesting cruising combined with perch (or other) fishing. Travel by boat to places such as Ohio's Bass Islands area, and/or the Canadian Pelee Island area. You can select our overnight on-boat "camping" option, if you like.
Perch are most certainly the best tasting fish in the Great Lakes, it's closest rival being the walleye. Perch can be cooked a number of ways, but probably the best is with a breading (something like Fryin' Magic, or a simple flour/salt/pepper mix ) and frying (in olive oil instead of animal fats, to help keep your blood vessels clear). If you must deep fry, use conola oil because olive oil probably burns too easily for this. For more on cooking Lake Erie fish, see Lesa's Favorite Fish Recipies
They can be "butterfly" cleaned by local fish-cleaning companies, or you can do it yourself by hand. We like to just "fillet" them - this removes the skin, and avoids having to scale them. Scaling and leaving the skin on does increase yeild and decrease cooking shrinkage, if you need the volume.

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