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Steelhead Trout

We offer Steelhead Charters beginning June 1st thru July, and again in late October thru November. Depending on yearly lake and weather conditions, we could begin these trips as early as March, and extend into winter. They are a cold water fish, and are in "our" area of the lake as long as the water is below about 65 degrees F. As water temperature rises above that, Steelhead Trout move toward the deeper, cooler water of the Eastern basin. They migrate back this way as the water cools in the fall.

Steelhead, known locally as "Silver Bullets" because of their color, speed, and sheer strength, are most often caught trolling. They can be caught drifting, but in smaller numbers. Most of these fish can't be released after they are caught, simply because they fight so fiercely that their mouth is destroyed. Maybe even more determined than smallmouth bass. A Smallmouth on steroids? They have been known to go through a closed cabin window! Tough guys.

If you want to fish for pure excitement, the steelhead is your fish. I've seen these fish jump 4 or 5 feet out of the water. When they dive, they have been known to rip rod holders right off of a boat. While this type of Trout goes up to 20 pounds, the average is 5 to 6 pounds. We seldom catch under 4 pounds, and get quite a few in the 7-9 pound range.

Good eating - like the smaller rainbow relative, but with a little touch of salmon. Excellent cooked with thinly slivered almonds, salt and pepper, and brushed with an olive oil/garlic slurry (throw a head, not just a clove, of garlic in the blender with 1 pint of olive oil) while broiling or grilling. Goes very well with lots of potassium chloride "salt replacer", if you are watching your sodium/potassium balance ("K factor") for your circulatory health, etc. A good source of the fundamental nutrient omega 3 oils. These fish can be oily. If you don't like oily fish, I have found that cooking them on a gas or charcoal grill removes most of the excess oil, like it does with hamburger. This leaves a lean, flaky piece of meat with a texture similar to a salmon steak.

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